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    The Eye of Kuruman

About The Eye of Kuruman

Every day 20-million litres of sweet, pure water pours out of the dry earth into a clear pool of water surrounded by gardens and palm trees. For over 200 years, the spring has never faltered, even during droughts. This is the phenomenon known as the Eye of Kuruman

It is an unexpectedly lush oasis in the middle of an arid area, and is sometimes referred to as the 'Fountain of Christianity'. That’s because the spring made possible an important mission station.

The geology that made the Eye of Kuruman possible was formed 190-million years ago, at a time of great volcanic instability, when lava (now hardened into dolerite) created intrusions, cracks and cavities deep underground.

Surrounding the spring is a beautiful pool of water, surrounded by willow and palm trees. This pool is home to a variety of aquatic life, including crabs and many fish, among which you will find a rare ciclid. The pool is also home to many water lilies.

Fishing is prohibited. Visitors pay a small fee to enter the grounds around Eye of Kuruman. Access from Main Street.

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Kuruman, Northern Cape

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Address: Kuruman, Northern Cape
Telephone: +27-53-7121095
Website: http://www.visitkuruman.co.za

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