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    Hombaze African Cuisine

About Hombaze African Cuisine

Come enjoy real & wholesome Nigerian/African dishes in comfort and style. Combing flavours from across the African continent with excellent standards in quality and service. They have been spreading the African Food Culture of good and healthy eating since 2003.

Restaurants based in Pretoria and Parkmore, Sandton.

The best of Nigerian | African cuisine including:
- Pounded yam
- Amala
- Semolina
- Garra (Eba)
- Beans and yam
- Beans and dodo
- Jollof rice
- fried rice
- Fresh fish
and more!

How to get there

126, 11th Avenue, Parkmore, Gauteng, South Africa

Contact Details

Address: 126, 11th Avenue, Parkmore, Gauteng, South Africa
Email: ayere@mweb.co.za
Telephone: +27-11-7830366
Website: facebook.com/hombaze

Operating Hours:
Information unavailable
Places: Sandton