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    National Historical Naval Museum

About National Historical Naval Museum

There are so many places to visit in Mahebourg, but a must-see is the fascinating National Naval and Historical Museum.

Located at the entrance of the town, the Château de Robillard, a French colonial building from the eighteenth century, houses the National History Museum.

Old maps, engravings, crockery, pirates' swords and even fragments of shipwrecks, recount the rich maritime history of the island. The crown jewel of this fascinating museum is the bell recovered from the wreck of the St Géran.

How to get there

Royal Road, Mahebourg

Contact Details

Address: Royal Road, Mahebourg
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Telephone: +23-06-319329_
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Operating Hours:
Mon, Wed-Sat : 9-16, Sun 9-12 clock, free admission
Places: Mahebourg