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    Eureka "La Maison Créole", Moka

About Eureka "La Maison Créole", Moka

This historical mansion built in 1830 with no less than 109 doors will provide you with a glimpse into the lifestyle of the more affluent Mauritians during the colonial era.

The Eureka House Restaurant also offers Creole meals that will delight the finest palates.

How to get there

Eureka Lane, Montagne Ory, Moka, Mauritius

Contact Details

Address: Eureka Lane, Montagne Ory, Moka, Mauritius
Email: eurekamr@intnet.mu
Telephone: +23-04-338477_
Website: http://www.maisoneureka.com/

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday from 09h00-17h00, and on Sunday from 09h00-15h30
Places: Moka