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    Naval Hill Planetarium

About Naval Hill Planetarium

The Naval Hill Planetarium was the first digital planetarium in Sub Saharan Africa. It is operated by the University of the Free State and is a mesmerising experience as visitors are given an 'out if this world experience'. On offer is a virtual tour of the stars and an opportunity to explore the galaxy.

It is situated at the old Lamont-Hussey Observatory Building on Naval Hill, in the Franklin Game Reserve, and is surrounded by wildlife and beautiful views of the city. On the eastern slope of the same hill, the White Horse can be found. The White Horse is a formation of white washed rocks that were placed there by the Wiltshire Regiment when they were stationed there in the South African War. It is a replica of a similar formation on the slope of a hill in Wiltshire, England.

How to get there

Van Vuuren Road, Naval Hill, Bloemfontein

Contact Details

Address: Van Vuuren Road, Naval Hill, Bloemfontein
Email: unkown@navalhill.com
Telephone: +27-51-4019751
Website: www.navalhill.unknown.com

Operating Hours:
Places: Bloemfontein