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    Madi a Thavha Design & Textile studio

About Madi a Thavha Design & Textile studio

Madi a Thavha design is a project to create employment for women living in the rural areas around Madi a Thavha mountain farm. They have developed a wide range of home decoration and fashion products which are produced from traditional and modern fabrics. The main collection, the Venda and Shangaan Collection, is a home decoration collection inspired by traditional Venda and Shangaan materials and techniques. One can buy Madi a Thavha Design as well as other art and crafts in the shop on the farm.
Venda and Shangaan collection:
For these products, Venda stripe fabrics are used which Venda women use to make their traditional dress. From the traditional way of decorating the attire, they have developed a very special decoration style making use of biases, black or shells buttons, and small beads. By using Venda stripe fabrics combined with bright colours plain material and textile decoration techniques the traditional Venda culture and crafts come alive.

The Venda stripes are locally designed and printed from high quality cotton by ‘DaGama’ Textiles in Durban, South Africa. Items in this collection include placemats, table clothes, table runners, serviettes, cushions, aprons, tea pot covers, potholders, and oven gloves. Cards from the Venda material and locally produced recycled paper are also made.

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