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    Warner Beach

About Warner Beach

is a coastal village, with a residential area as well as tourist, schooling and shopping facilities. Whales and dolphins can be seen in the Indian Ocean adjacent to the area. The annual "Sardine Run" is a migration of huge schools of fish, attracting tourists and fishermen. Temperatures are mild and pleasant throughout the year, due to the temperature — stabilizing effect of the warm ocean current that flows in the coastal waters. A pleasant sea breeze can often be experienced with a cool temperature and a pleasant sea aroma. The vegetation is normally green throughout the year.

There are excellent surfing conditions at Warner Beach, which is why this small town has created some of the best surfers on a global scale. Close by lies the Aliwal Shoal which is definitely one of the best dive sites in the area. Kit surfing, paddle ski, canoeing, beach walks, jogging and fishing are popular activities.

Quick Facts

Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Region: Durban Metro
Country: South Africa
Address: Warner Beach, Kwazulu-Natal

Why go?

- Whale and dolphin sightings
- Annual sardine run brings in many fishing opportunities
- Mild pleasant temperatures
- Excellent surfing conditions
- Superb diving spots in the area

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