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About Qunu

Qunu’s most famous son, Nelson Mandela, was born in the village of Mvezo, the traditional home of the Madiba clan, just outside Qunu, and is now buried in the family plot there. In his book, Long Walk to Freedom, Madiba says Qunu is where he spent the happiest times of his childhood.

Quick Facts

Province: The Eastern Cape
Country: South Africa
Address: Unnamed Road, Qunu, 5105, South Africa

Why go?

Visitors are able to view various exhibitions and several sites directly associated with him, such as the ruins of the school he attended.
The museum also boasts upmarket accommodation suitable for both leisure and business travellers.

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The Nelson Mandela Museum, officially opened on 11 February 2000 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of his release from prison, has three components: the Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Centre in Qunu, the Bhunga Museum in Mthatha and an open-air museum in Mvezo.
Mandela didn’t want the museum to be a static collection and tribute to him, but rather a living memorial to his values and vision. Its aim is to inspire and enrich all who visit it and to serve as a catalyst for development and share the heritage resources linked to him. The museum is more than a place; it is an experience that allows visitors to follow the footprints of the great man.

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