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    Waterval Onder

About Waterval Onder

Waterval Onder is a small village situated at the base of the escarpment on the banks of the Elands River in Emakhazeni Local Municipality, Mpumalanga, South Africa. The name means "below the waterfall", due to its position below a 75 metre waterfall (Elands River Falls). Its "twin", Waterval Boven ("above the waterfall"), is more developed. Both settlements were established in 1895 due to the building of the Pretoria - Delagoa Bay railway line, built by the Netherlands-South African Railway Company (NZASM).

President Paul Kruger lived in Waterval Onder before he left South Africa via Mozambique during the Anglo-Boer war. His Krugerhof house was proclaimed a national monument.

There is a legend of the "ghost tree" involving a Boer nurse and a British soldier who used to meet at night under a pepper tree. Best you visit the town to find out more....!!

There are numerous accommodation choices in the area - a popular one is to stay on one of the guest or holiday farms. Exploring the beautiful surrounds of Waterval Onder on horseback is also very popular.

Quick Facts

Province: Mpumalanga
Country: South Africa
Address: Waterval Onder, Mpumalanga

Why go?

- visit President Paul Kruger's house
- learn about the legend of the "ghost tree"
- stay on a holiday or guest farm and explore the area on horseback