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About Hectorspruit

Hectorspruit is another small farming town in Mpumalanga, situated due east of the Malelane Rest Camp in the southern reaches of the Kruger National Park.

The origin of the town's name is equally interesting, considering that it was named after a hunting dog that belonged to the chief surveyor of the Pretoria Delagoa Bay railway line. The owner of this dog was clearly fond of him and so named the town and the stream that runs through it, after his faithful dog.

Today the town is a fair sized agricultural centre that serves the numerous surrounding farms that produce subtropical fruits, vegetables and sugarcane.

In the surrounding hills and valleys tourists with an archaeological interest will find San rock engravings, whilst the banks of the Crocodile River are impressive and at night one can hear the sounds of wildlife. There are many game farms in the area, and the proximity of the Kruger National Park makes it a popular stopover.

A great many visitors pass through Hectorspruit because of its position on the Maputo Nelspruit development corridor, a narrow slip of land that links Swaziland with the Kruger National Park.

Quick Facts

Province: Mpumalanga
Country: South Africa
Address: Hectorspruit, Mpumalanga

Why go?

- Malelane rest camp
- Crocodile river