About Malelane

Malelane is a friendly little laid-back farming town, which lies on the N4 national road just outside the Kruger National Park. It’s believed that one of the original roots of the name Malelane is thought to have come from the Swazi term ‘lala’, which means to sleep.

The Malelane gate is one of the main entrances into the Kruger National Park, which means that the little town and the farms that surround it act as a gateway to the Kruger National Park, catering for visitors to the park, with their excellent lodges and bed & breakfasts – as well as their major supermarkets like Spar and Pick ‘n Pay which have moved into the area, making it easy for tourists to stock up before entering the park.

The surrounds of this rather hot part of the country consist of sugarcane fields, tropical fruit farms and game farms. Life slows down to a peaceful and casual crawl here, probably due to the inescapable heat and to the less insistent pace of nature.

Malelane is the perfect place to get away from city life for a few days, where one can enjoy the experience of the bush and prevailing nature.

Quick Facts

Province: Mpumalanga
Country: South Africa
Address: Malelane, Mpumalanga

Why go?

- Wildlife
- Outdoors
- Game viewing
- Birding

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