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About Breyton

The farming town of Breyten lies at the foot of Klipstapel, meaning 'rock pile' in Afrikaans. In the late summer months it is draped in pink and white cosmos flowers. The Batwa Valley region surrounding Breyten is bursting with San history that is seldom told. Stories, like the San genocide by the Swazi people at Mushroom Rock, are narrated on a private tour through the geological features and historical sites of the valley, which are testament to the rock paintings in a cave within the valley.

Breyten is also home to one of three of the leather tanneries left in South Africa, where the owner provides interested tourists with insight into the making of sheep leather slippers on a private tour. Lesser known is that apple farming is taking root here, and that the source of the Vaal River lies about 2 kilometres from the town

Quick Facts

Province: Mpumalanga
Country: South Africa
Address: Breyten, South Africa

Why go?

- Klipstapel
- Ancient rock paintings
- Batwa valley region

History icon


The farming town of Breyten was once a bustling railway stop between Johannesburg and Nelspruit in the early 20th century, however today the only remnants of that history is the class 19 series (number 1369) steam locomotive and carriage that is painted as the South African flag and plinthed outside the old railway station.

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