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    Capricorn Region

Welcome To Capricorn Region

About Capricorn Region

Named after the Tropic of Capricorn, which passes through northern Limpopo, this region stretches from the Ysterberg mountains along the foothills of the Wolkberg Mountains to the Tropic of Capricorn in the north. It has a diverse landscape that includes amazing majestic mountains, grassy plains, bushveld and fascinatingly diverse animal and plant life. The major centres (municipalities) of the Capricorn Region include: Polokwane, Aganang, Blouberg, Lepelle Nkumpi, and Molemole.

Here you will find a region of preserved social traditions, indigenous identities with its interesting prehistoric past and fascinating cultural heritage consists of mines, farms, dams, forests, cultural villages, art, monuments, endless landscapes and abundant wildlife. It is the hub of local African culture.

Aganang is a Northern Sotho word that means "uplifting one another". It is the fourth most densely populated municipality within the Capricorn District, comprising 105 villages and two small village towns called Kalkspruit and Kameelkop. Bloubergmeans blue mountain - a mountain range located to the western end of the Soutpansberg mountain range, north west of the town of Vivo. The geographical location of Blouberg lies between the Waterberg wetlands and the Dongola Trans-frontier Park, bordering Zimbabwe and Botswana, which encompasses the Mapungubwe area, which is of great significance as the provincial Tourism directorate along the African Ivory route.

The Marula tree is found in abundance in the area. Its fruits are used to make traditional Marula beer and the world famous Amarula Cream Liquor. It is also a favourite fruit of the elephants in the area. Blouberg is home to some of the most remarkable rock climbing in South Africa, famous for its natural, big wall climbing with route lengths up to 350m. The vegetation ranges from sub-tropical savanna at the base, to alpine near the summit.

Capricorn offers an extremely pleasant climate for most of the year. Visitors can expect almost year-round sunshine, long summer afternoons and dry days for most of their stay.

It can get rather hot in the summer months (October to March) averaging 27ºC. The Lowveld is less forgiving in the swelter of summer afternoons. Dont be surprised to find the late afternoon growing heavy with clouds and delivering short thunderstorms. Winter is typical of the interior Highveld plateau; a sunny season of chilly, early mornings, warm middays, dry afternoons and cool to cold nights. In general the weather of this region will greet you with a hospitable display of sunshine!

Quick Facts

Located: Limpopo
Country: South Africa

Why go?

- Game viewing
- Rock climbing
- San art

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