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About Agalega Islands

Agalega is located in the Indian Ocean, about 1,000 kilometres north of Mauritius. A stretch of sand bank separates the North and South islands of this archipelago. They cover a land area of 70 square kilometers. There is no functional port on the islands, only a pier at St James Anchorage on the island's north.

Animal husbandry and poultry are the prime source of livelihood and different kinds vegetables are also grown in these islands. These islands produce copra and coconut oil for export; the main source of income for the 300 inhabitants.

Visitors can spot the Agalega Island Day Gecko, an endemic species of gecko, unique to these island.

Quick Facts

Located: Agalega Islands
Country: Mauritius

Why go?

Agalega Islands are charming and simplistically beautiful. Look out for the Agalega Island Day Gecko

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