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    Danie Theron Monument

About Danie Theron Monument

The Danie Theron Monument is situated at the spot where the famous Boer scout, Danie Theron, died while scouting alone on a koppie at Gatsrand, about 6 kilometres north of what is now Fochville. The 24m tall statue is topped with a ‘copper flame of freedom’ and was built to honour the brave soldier.

The hills around Fochville have many remains of Sotho and Tswana stone kraals that were used as enclosures for cattle or sheep or was the fence used to enclose a village of huts. Many of them were destroyed when the Sothos and Tswanas were driven out of these areas by the Mzilikazi Ndebeles in the 1820s and 1830s.

This Voortrekker Fort, South West of the Danie Theron Monument, was built in 1824 and honours the Voortrekkers with a plaque.

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Gatsrand, North West Province

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