Zanzibar is the majestic spice island of the Indian Ocean, and actually an archipelago consisting of two main islands called Unguja (commonly referred to as Zanzibar Island) and Pemba and about 51 other surrounding small islets. The name Zanzibar is derived from a combination of two Arabic words, 'Zenj', meaning black, and 'bar', being the Arabic word for land, resulting in the ancient title 'Land of the Blacks'. As Zanzibar absorbed peoples from as far as the Orient and Iberia, Assyria and India. Rugged coral and limestone scarps form a sheltered backdrop to tranquil, caster sugar beaches that slope gently down into crystal – clear waters, abundant with marine life. Tall coconut palms and stalking Pandanus cast their wondering shadows over the white sands and swaying hammocks, while Green Wood Hoopoes and Weaver birds flit and flutter between the green leaves and pendulous fruit high above. Zanzibar is famous for its clove production and its channels offer some of the best diving experiences in East Africa. Welcome means KARIBU in the Swahili vernacular.

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Quick Facts:
Tanzanian Shilling
985 Thousand
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Getting Around

Getting around Zanzibar can be very cheap and horribly uncomfortable, or pretty costly and very relaxing. The only mid-range transport there is comes in the form of a few tourist minibuses that operate out of Stone Town. These take holiday makers to some of the various coastal hotspots the island has to offer - routes are very limited and run once a day. Seats must be booked through hotels in the capital.

Most locals travel by daladala. These are most commonly mini-buses (which are more akin to large vans -usually the Toyota Hiace) but sometimes trucks. For many tourists, back-packers and adventurers, the daladala experience is a thrilling one. Tourists are thrust into the heart of Zanzibari life; expect a chicken on you knee and locals with buckets of fresh seafood to sell.

If you can handle the heat (or can get up enough speed to cool yourself with wind-chill effect) then cycling along the coast of Zanzibar can be an excellent way to explore. Many beach hotels will rent you a bike for around USD 5-10 a day and some offer free bike hire to guests. Avoid getting around on scooters and motorbikes if you can.

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All visitors require a valid passport and visa for the duration of their stay. Visa can be obtained from Tanzania Diplomatic Mission or alternatively at the entry points. The rate of the visa is currently 50 US $ OR 50 Euros. However it is advisable to check with your nearest Tanzanian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate prior to your travel for updated information.

The following services are taxed in Zanzibar:

- An Airport tax of 50 US $ per ticket must be paid on departure.
- A tax of 5$ for every ticket for the person traveling through sea port.

Keep small denomination ready as change might be limited sometimes.

About traveling to Zanzibar

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