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About Bloubergstrand

With a view of Robben Island from its shores, Bloubergstrand, is a gorgeous seaside suburb nestled along Table Bay. Bloubergstrand is one of the best beaches in the Western Cape when it comes to activities. Situated approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, Bloubergstrand is one of the world’s most popular kitesurfing destinations, also offering suring, windsurfing and a variety of other outdoor sports.

Kitesurfing at Bloubergstrand near Cape Town becomes increasingly popular every year, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, to name just a few of the most devoted.

Anyone wishing to take up this high-adrenalin activity will easily find an instructor in the Bloubergstand area and get the hang of it within three or four lessons.

One unique feature about Bloubergstrand is the massive coal ship that ran aground off its shores in 2009. The 77m Turkish vessel has, according to local surfers and kitesurfers, enhanced conditions for water sports along this stretch of coastline, because of the way it redirects the waves and provides shelter from the wind.

There are of course many other great reasons besides watersports to visit Bloubergstrand, such as the amazing views across the Atlantic Ocean to Table Mountain, which stands proudly tall in the horizon.

Bloubergstrand is in fact Afrikaans for “blue mountain beach”, a reference to the scenery from its sandy beaches.

The beach is long and open, with ample space on the sand for beach sports such as touch rugby, soccer, frisbee and so on.

If you are looking for a more relaxing day out, have lunch or dinner at the Blue Peter Hotel, which is situated right next to the beach at Bloubergstrand. The outside deck looks particularly splendid when lit up in the evenings, providing the ideal romantic setting.

Some of the marine life that visitors to Bloubergstrand may catch a glimpse of includes various species of dolphin, Cape fur seals, as well as southern right whales.

Places to see and things to do

Blowfish Restaurant
Fancy some seafood and sushi whilst adoring the mountain at sunset as the waves crash meters away? of course you do - visit this delightful restaurant which doubles up as a wedding venue often. They have superb menus and incredible views.
+27 21 556 5464

Petit Fours Delicatessen
Petits Fours is a unique combination of a French-inspired bistro, delicatessen and a mix of West Coast cuisine. It offers an aesthetic experience tantalizing the senses with mouth-watering cuisine and delicacies baked for everyone’s delight.

The fusion of French and South African West Coast dishes keep close tabs on international developing food trends. Food design is drawn from Manhattan’s vibrant café scene as well as fresh and trendy ideas originating from nouveau cuisine of the French Riviera. The property that houses Petits Fours is a heritage site over 200 years old. It stands witness to where the first settlers in Cape Town may have put foot on shore and met the indigenous people of Africa in 1652.
+27 21 554 4462
Open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 5pm daily

Blouberg beach
Situated between Table View Beach and Big Bay, a gorgeous strip of white sand and ice-blue ocean encompasses Blouberg Beach. This beach is dog-friendly (Please bring a poop scoop and pick up after your dogs. Generally the dogs should be on a leash).
The ocean is very cold and wetsuits are recommended for all watersports. This beach of often quite windy, so perfect for the appropriate water sports.

Rietveli Nature Reserve
Rietvlei dam was built during the great depression (from about 1929 to early 1930's) and was completed in 1934. Manual laborers were paid 4 shilling a month and soil was carted away by mule carts. Feeding the dam is the Sesmyl (Six Mile) Spruit, five fountains (one is located on an adjacent property) and five boreholes. Upstream from Rietvlei dam is the Marais Dam which acts as a sludge dam for Rietvlei Dam. Starting in 1988 a two year project raised the dam and made other improvements

Originally the dam was not open to the public but the city council of Pretoria did plan the reserve ecologically and introduced a number of game species to the reserve. The Nauture Reserve was proclaimed in 1948. Rietvlei dam provides Pretoria with 15% of it's water. The reserve covers an area of 3800 hectares and can support up to 2000 head of game.

Rietvlei Dam offers a number of sporting facilities. Fishing is allowed on the northern and western shores and a yacht club house was built on the north-western shore. Motor boats are not allowed on the dam.

The roads in the reserve are well maintained and serve the public for game viewing and the reserve staff as maintenance roads and fire breaks. Roads divide the reserve into 31 blocks. Rotation grazing is practices on the reserve by routinely burning blocks and using lick as supplementary feeding.

The reserve has a typical Highveld climate with dry, frosty winters and an average of 724mm rain during the summer rainy season. Temperatures reach as high as 34°C in the summer and as low as -2° in the winter.

The Reserve is made up of open grassland with undulating hills with indigenous trees clustered in small groups. Due to previous farming practices a number of exotic trees and shrubs also grow in the Reserve. The silver wattle (from Australia) is the most problematic invader as it has no local enemies and seeds can survive up to 50 years in the soil. The silver wattle is removed mechanically and the wood is used as fuel.

Perfect for bird-watching, fresh-water fishing, game viewing, hiking trails and picnics.
+27 12 358 1810/1/2
+27 12 480 9944 (For Angling info)

Quick Facts

Province: Western Cape
Country: South Africa
Address: Bloubergstrand, Cape Town

Why go?

- A wonderful view of Robben Island from most of the beaches
- Killarney Race Track
- Rietvlei Nature Reserve (hiking, picnics, freshwater fishing, bird watching)
- Dolphin Beach
- Tableview Mall, Bayside Mall
- Virgin Active Table View gym
- Petit Fours Delicatessen
- Doodles Beachfront Restaurant
- Cattle Baron
- Blowfish Restaurant

History icon


Bloubergstrand is also a historic location, having hosted the famous Battle of Blaauwberg, in which British soldiers defeated their Dutch counterparts to gain control of the Cape colony in 1806.

The first documented residents of Bloubergstrand were known as the Goringhaikonas.

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