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    Frontier Country region
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    Frontier Country region

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About Frontier Country region

It is also active central - activities range from mountaineering, zip-lining, abseiling and hang-gliding, to paragliding. An aerodrome with micro-light aviation is considered to offer the best sky diving in the country. Hunting (including bow hunting), fly-fishing and birding contrast with donkey cart rides, hiking, river rafting, elephant and horse riding and game drives.

The area is well known for its range of game and nature reserves – many farms have been transformed by converting farmland and stocking it with game such as the "Big Five", zebra, giraffe, kudu and other indigenous antelope.

Quick Facts

Located: The Eastern Cape
Country: South Africa

Why go?

Frontier Country, with Grahamstown as its hub, is one of the most important historical areas in this region, if not in South Africa as a whole.

It is linked to the age-old conflict the area experienced in South Africa’s early history, dubbed the Frontier Wars. This sometimes dry landscape around Grahamstown was once the setting for Britain’s longest colonial war and has more forts than the rest of the country combined.

Frontier Country is also one of the most biologically varied regions in South Africa, with many of the biomes still unspoilt and spectacular. The thousands of hectares devoted to wildlife and conservation are returning the region to its original condition of natural abundance.

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